Which Home Loan Is Right For You?

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Finding the perfect home is tough and finding the perfect loan for your home can be even tougher. Use our handy break down of 5 different loans to find the best one for you! 




The most common option and usually has the best interest rates

Best for repeat buyers

10% minimum down payment 



VA: Veterans Affairs

Only available to veterans

0% down 


ARM: Adjustable Rate Mortgage

These rates start out lower than any other option but fluctuate with the market(usually not for the better)

10% minimum down, 20% standard

Good for anyone


USDA: US Department of Agriculture

Developed to promote the purchase of rural land

0% down

Best for investors


FHA: Federal Housing Administration 

Makes homeownership easy with less down and easier credit

3.5% minimum down, 20% standard

Best for first time buyers