Staging Your Home 101

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Okay, let’s start off with why it is important to stage your home. As a buyer, it is easier to imagine yourself in the house when it isn’t a bunch of empty walls and rooms. It is stated that buyers decide in the first 8 seconds if they are interested in the home. That is not a lot of time to make a first impression so use these tips to wow potential buyers and get you SOLD faster than you can say “home staging 101”.

Staging 101:

One easy tip based on the fact that we opened with: park your car and enter your home as if you were a potential buyer. What catches your eye in the first eight seconds?

Update those appliances. 25% of potential buyers said that they are put off by outdated appliances.

While you’re updating those appliances, pull out that paintbrush and paint and repair walls. 70% of buyers are turned off by damp patches and stained walls and ceilings.

While it is important to have your home decorated, 14% of buyers find over the top decor unflattering. This makes sense since they are looking at your home and what it has to offer and over the top decor can be distracting.

Change those lightbulbs! A dimly lit home is not doing your house and a potential buyer’s dream house justice. Over 50% of buyers said that dull lighting is an unattractive feature.

Pick up some candles or your favorite room scent. You do not want buyers distracted or turned off by a foul odor. 56’% of potential buyers said that odor is unattractive and they have walked in and walked right back out because of this.