Rainy Days on Oahu

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With our unusually rainy season this year it feels like our precious sunshine is never going to come out. Hopefully, we will be back to hitting the beach every day soon but until then here is our guide for a rainy day on Oahu.



1. Shopping
Of course, there is always shopping (or window shopping if you’re budgeting for your home loan’s downpayment). There are great malls all over the island like the Ala Moana Center in Honolulu containing over 350 shops and restaurants, the Windward Mall in Kaneohe who hosts a farmers market every Wednesday and Sunday, and Pearlridge Center in Aiea containing local and worldwide favorites.

2. Coffee Shops
Tuck into a cozy coffee shop and relax with your favorite drink. Get some work done, meet a friend, or just hang out with a good read. A few favorites are ChadLou’s in Kailua, Arvo in Honolulu, and Island Vintage Coffee with locations island wide.

3. Check out a museum
Museums are a great way to expand knowledge and learn about some of our really cool history! Spend your rainy day exploring the Bishop Museum, wandering through the memorials of Pearl Harbor, or admiring the pieces in the Honolulu Museum of Art.

4. Get even closer to marine life
Head to the Waikiki Aquarium to take a deeper look at the marine life we are surrounded by every day. This is a great activity for those with children or those who just want to take a look at what’s really in our ocean backyard.

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