An Evening in Honolulu

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Alright, so we all know how beautiful this entire island is; and most people know it for its capital, Honolulu. But while you’re planning your surf lessons, hikes and shave ice filled weekends, did you ever think about what this world-renowned city has to offer when the sun goes down?


Twilight Tours at the Honolulu Zoo!

If you ever wondered what the animals do when the guests go home and the gates close, you HAVE to check out this two-hour tour of the zoo on Friday or Saturday nights from 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm. You’ll be guided on a walk through the whole zoo by one of their top educators. Learn about biology and endangered species while you greet the ‘night owls’ waking up and say goodnight to others going to sleep.


Chucks Cellar!

Walking down the sidewalk in Waikiki, you’ll find a simple rustic door with a sign above reading,”Chucks Cellar”. Take a peek inside and down a small set of stairs, you’ll see an old-fashioned steakhouse and bar with live music throughout the week and weekend. Serving up steaks and prime rib cooked over hot lava rock and a salad bar INCLUDED, this rustic spot makes for the perfect date night.



If you are lucky enough to be here on the last Friday of the month, you might want to head off to the Honolulu Museum of Art! On the very last Friday of each month from January through October, this crazy art celebration is organized by the volunteers of the museum with a different theme each time! Not to mention the entertainment, food and besides - a museum after dark? Count us in!


Truthfully, there is so much more that this lively city has to offer. These were just a few of the highlights that we love - and even some of the more affordable!


Keep us posted if you check out any of these events, and if you happen to see us there - stop and say, ALOHA!


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